2.4 Security
The EN-8950 is protected by both mechanical lock and electrical
detector. There is a padlock loop on the rear of right side panel. Which is
used to prevent any unauthorized access to components inside the chassis.
The two locks on the front bezel also prohibit access to CD-ROMs or hard
drives. By the way, two electrical intrusion detectors will alarm whenever
the front door or the side panel is opened. The overall security system
perfectly protects the File Server.
2.5 Power Supply
The EN-8950 comes with a reliable, high performance and high
efficiency 300-Watt single power supply or a 460-Watt power supply
module (230W 2+1). It provides stable power; even if the system is fully
2.6 Drive Bays
This File Server case provides ten drive bays, which consist of one
3.5” floppy drive bay and nine 5.25” drive bays. The 3.5” floppy drive bay
is vertically sited on the middle-left of the front panel. The ten 5.25” drive
bays across the front panel from top to bottom.
2.7 Modular Design
The most advanced design of this chassis is modularization of its
drive bays. Which greatly increases the flexibility of this chassis. Users can
choose whatever modules they need to build up a File Server system that
meets their requirements.
2.8 Fitting of The 19” Rack Mount
Even though the EN-8950 is designed as an entry-level File Server,
it’s also designed to be flexible and expendable. Since this chassis is a
standard 19” file Server case, it can be placed into a 19” rack mount easily.
This makes the EN-8950 also an industrial level of File Server case.
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