2.1 Front Bezel
The front bezel is designed as a removable door. Once the front bezel
is opened, users can access all drives directly without taking off any other
components. Another unique design of this front bezel is that it can be
opened from either right or left side based on users’ convenient. There is
also a lock on each side of the front bezel, which prevents any unauthorized
access. When both locks are released, the bezel can be removed.
The power switch and the reset button are blocked and untouchable
when the front bezel is closed. Any intentionally or accidentally shutting
down by users can be prevented, which intensify the security of the File
There is a clear vertical oval-shape plastic plate on the top-left corner
of the front bezel. Users can read the LEDs behind the plastic plate for
indication of status even the front bezel is closed.
The front bezel also has an IrDA receiver for wireless devices, such as
keyboard, mouse…etc.
The middle part of the front bezel can be removed and replaced with a
clear plastic cover when an optional LCD module is installed.
2.2 I/O Panel
As other chassises, all I/O accesses go through from the rear side of
the EN-8950. The metal I/O plate is removable, which can be changed
based on the form factors of the motherboards.
2.3 Cooling System
The EN-8950 comes with two 80mm powerful cooling fans. They are
located beneath the power supply on the back panel of the chassis. The air
is pulled from in front of the chassis, then flows across the boards and out
the back. These two cooling fans effectively lower the temperature inside
the chassis. RPM detection is also available for the cooling fans. Whenever
any of which fails, users will be informed by the system right away. These
two cooling fans can be easily exchanged. However, an optional fan
module is also available for extra cooling demands.
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