The two cooling fans on the back panel are hot swappable. They can
be easily exchanged without any hassle. Each cooling fan is held on a fan
base. The following steps show you the way of exchanging a cooling fan.
3.3.1 Detaching a Cooling Fan
1. Take off the side panel.
2. Disconnect the connector of the fan.
3. Hold the cooling fan that you want to change.
4. Pull the tip of the hook out by using a finger.
5. Detach the fan from base.
Fig.3.3.1 Taking off cooling fan
3.3.2 Installing a Cooling Fan
1. Take off the side panel.
2. Place the cooling fan onto the base in 45-degree angle. Make sure the
inner edge of the fan gets into the notches of the base.
3. Push the fan toward the direction of back panel until the hook of the
base fastens the fan.
Fig. 3.3.2 Installing cooling fan Fig. 3.3.3 Fan installed
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