off or placing back the side panel.
3.2.1 Taking off the Side Panel
1. Detach all connected cables.
2. Unlock and take off the padlock from lock loop if there is one.
3. Free the screws on the rear of left side panel.
4. Shift the side panel to the direction of back panel about 10mm, and
take it off.
Fig. 3.2.1 Fig. 3.2.2
3.2.2 Placing Back the Side Panel
1. Position the side panel to the chassis, and ensure the tabs on the side
panel align with slots of the chassis.
2. Slide the side panel toward the front panel of the chassis until the tabs
firmly engage with the chassis.
3. Tighten the side panel with screws.
Fig. 3.2.3
3.3 The Cooling Fans
Shift the side panel
about 10 mm and
take it off.
10 mm
Shift the side panel
forward to the end as
arrow shows.
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