2. Operation
EN-8950 is designed to maximize accessibility. Users can easily
access, upgrade and maintain the file server system. By using a “Phillips”
(cross-head) screw driver, users can install, upgrade or remove any
components or parts.
Some components described below are optional, which need to be
purchased separately.
For your safety, please accomplish the following before any
1. Turn off and unplug the AC power of the system.
2. Disconnect all peripheral devices and communication lines that are
connected to system.
3.1 The Front Door
As mentioned earlier, the front bezel is a removable door. There are
two locks on the bezel, one on left, and the other on right. Please read the
following for operations of the front bezel.
3.1.1 Opening/Removing the Front Door
1. To open the door from left side, please free the lock on the left side of
bezel. Please refer to Fig. 1.2.
2. To open the door from right side, please free the lock on the right side
of bezel. Please refer to Fig.1.3.
3. To remove the front bezel, please free both locks.
3.1.2 Closing/Placing Back the Front Door
1. To close the door, please fasten either right or left lock. Please refer to
Fig. 1.1.
2. To place the front door back, please join one side of the front door to
the axle on the front panel and fasten its corresponding lock; then join
the other side and fasten its lock.
3.2 The Side Panel
Beside drives or modules, the operations of all other components need
to go through from the side. Please refer to the next procedures for taking
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