Metrologic’s IS4225 Series has two USB models. The first is the IS4225-07,
which converts serial RS232 formatted data to USB Keyboard. The second is
the IS4225-08, which converts serial RS232 formatted data to Point-of Sale
(POS) communication protocol.
Both models leave the factory pre-configured to their respective interfaces. This
guide contains the configuration bar codes necessary to ensure that the scanner
communicates properly with the host if the factory default configuration is lost or
requires modification.
• What is the difference between USB Keyboard (IS4225-07) and
USB Point-of-Sale (IS4225-08)?
When scanning with the IS4225-07, data will appear in the current
application that is active on your PC. The data is entered just as if the keys
were pressed on the keyboard.
When scanning with the IS4225-08 the data emulates serial (RS232) data
through the use of a Metrologic developed driver. The device will then work
with existing serial (RS232) applications.
The drivers can be downloaded at:
For Windows 2000/XP Operating Systems
For Windows 98 (Second Edition) Operating System
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