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Main Menu Options
01) Upon start-up, the device will show the start screen:
02) If you now press an external trigger button or press the UP/DOWN buttons, the device will show the
currently active trigger’s status. Press the UP/DOWN buttons to toggle through the 6 triggers:
03) In order to return to the start screen (from any place in the menu), press and hold down the MENU
button for 2 seconds.
04) Press the MENU button to enter the main menu. The display will show:
1. Play Show
2. Record Show
3. Delete Show
4. Trigger Event
5. Stop TR Event
6. Device Settings
7. Save Configuration
8. Load Configuration
9. Default Setting
05) Insert a microSD card into the slot (01).
06) Press the UP/DOWN buttons to toggle through the 9 menus.
07) Press the ENTER button to open the desired menu.
1. Play Show
In this menu you can play the previously recorded shows, as a sort of preview. You can only play 1 show
at a time. All the other active triggered shows and the external triggers will be disabled.
Note: Before using this operation mode, you will need to program at least one show. For more
information, please read 2. Record Show, page 9.
Note: When this mode is active, remove the DMX cable from the DMX input connector (05), in order to
avoid data collision.
01) The display will show:
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