Ordercode: 50830
Showmaster 24 MKII
Set Up and Operation
Before plugging the unit in, always make sure that the power supply matches the product specification
voltage. Do not attempt to operate a 120V specification product on 230V power, or vice versa.
1. Begin Programming
1.1 Recording Mode
01) Press and hold down the Record button.
02) While holding down the Record button, tap the flash buttons 1, 6, 6 and 8 in sequence.
03) Release the Record button, the Record LED lights up. Now you can begin programming your chase
1.2 Programming Scenes
01) Enter the Recording mode (see above).
02) Press the Mode Select button to select the 1-24 Single mode. Now you
have control of all 24 channels, while programming.
03) Make sure that Master A & B are both set to maximum.
Master A is set to maximum in the full up position, while Master B is set to
maximum in the full down position.
04) Create a desired scene, by moving the channel faders 1-24.
At 0% or DMX 0, these faders should be set to 0 position. At 100% or DMX
255, these faders should be set to 10 position.
05) Once the scene is set, press the Record button to program the scene as
a step in the memory. The display will show the number of the current
06) Repeat steps 3-5 until all desired steps have been programmed in the
memory. You can program up to 999 steps in the memory.
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