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Showmaster 24 MKII
The Showtec Showmaster 24 MKII requires almost no maintenance. However, you should keep the unit
clean. Disconnect the mains power supply, and then wipe the cover with a damp cloth. Do not immerse
in liquid. Do not use alcohol or solvents.
Keep connections clean. Disconnect electric power, and then wipe the DMX and audio connections
with a damp cloth. Make sure connections are thoroughly dry before linking equipment or supplying
electric power.
Showtec Showmaster 24 MKII
This troubleshooting guide is meant to help solve simple problems. If a problem occurs, carry out the steps
below in sequence until a solution is found. Once the unit operates properly, do not carry out following
01) If the device does not operate properly, unplug the device.
02) Check power from the wall, all cables, the settings (return to default), etc.
03) If all of the above appears to be O.K., plug the unit in again.
04) If nothing happens after 30 seconds, unplug the device.
05) Return the device to your Showtec dealer.
No Response to DMX
Suspect the DMX cable or connectors, a controller malfunction, a light effect DMX card malfunction.
01) Check the DMX setting. Make sure that DMX addresses are correct.
02) Check the DMX cable: Unplug the unit; change the DMX cable; then reconnect to electrical power.
Try your DMX control again.
03) Determine whether the controller or light effect is at fault. Does the controller operate properly with
other DMX products? If not, take the controller in for repair. If it operates properly, take the DMX
cable and the light effect to a qualified technician.
Product Specification
Showtec Showmaster 24 MKII
Power input:
DC 12V-20V 500 mA
DMX Output:
3-pin female XLR
MIDI Signal:
5-pin standard interface
Audio Input:
100 mV~1 Vpp
F0.5A 250V 5x20 mm
530 x 330 x 150 mm (LxWxH)
4,8 kg
Design and product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Website: www.Showtec.info
Email: service@highlite.nl
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