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Showmaster 24 MKII
Blind and Home
01) Blind function temporarily deactivates channels in a chase, when the chase is running, and gives you
manual control of the channel.
02) Press and hold down the Blind button and press the flash button, corresponding with the channel
which you want to temporarily deactivate.
03) In order to return to the normal mode, press and hold down the Home button and press the flash
01) In the CHASE SCENE Mode, press the button to change the chasing mode of programs,
between Single mode and Mix mode.
02) In the Double Preset mode, pressing down this button has the same effect as moving the Master
fader B to the top.
03) In the Single Preset mode, this button can temporally record the current output, with Master fader B
to adjust.
Add and Kill
The Add/Kill button changes the mode of the flash buttons. Normally, the flash buttons are available in
the Add mode, whereas pressing any flash button will not kill other scenes, allowing multiple scenes to be
on at a time.
The Kill mode is activated by pressing the Add/Kill button. The LED above it will light up. Pressing any flash
button will kill other active scene or program. In the Kill mode, the killed program does not stop running
but the output is blocked.
Double Preset
01) Press the Mode Select button to enter the Double Preset mode.
02) In this mode, channel faders 1-12 and channel faders 13-24 all control channels 1-12.
03) Master A controls the channel fader 1-12 while Master B controls the channel faders 13-24.
04) In this mode, it is not possible to record scenes.
01) Enter the Double Preset mode.
02) Move channel faders 1-6 to the top and move channel faders 20 to 24 to the maximum.
03) Move Master A and B to the same level and move them in the same direction, you will receive a
01) To prevent the loss of your programs, this unit must be powered for not shorter than two hours, every
02) The display shows "LOP" if the voltage is too low.
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