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Showmaster 24 MKII
3.4 Running a Program With the Standard Beat
01) Make sure that the Audio mode is inactive.
02) Press the Mode Select button to select CHASE SCENE Mode.
03) Press the Park button to select the Mix Chase mode. The LED indicator will
light up.
04) Select your program, as described before.
05) Move the Speed fader until the display shows the desired value.
06) Press the Tap Sync button twice to define your beat time.
07) Press and hold down the Rec Speed button and press the flash button
(13-24) to store the program.
08) The program will run with the set time or beat, when active.
09) Repeat steps 5-7 to set a new beat.
3.5 Speed Mode - 5 Minutes/10 Minutes
01) Enter the Recording mode.
02) Press and hold down the Record button and press the Flash button 5 or
10, three times.
03) The 5MIN or 10MIN LED indicators should light up, indicating that the
Speed fader is set to run in the 5- or 10-minute mode.
Tap 3x
Note: Please note, that this option will work only when the Recording mode is active.
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