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Showmaster 24 MKII
3.2 Running a Program to Audio
01) Use the built-in microphone or plug the audio source into the RCA audio
jack connector.
02) Select your created program.
03) Press the Audio button. The LED indicator will light up.
04) Move the Audio Level fader to adjust the sound sensitivity. The
adjustment range is between 0-10, from low to high sensitivity.
05) To return to the previous mode, press the Audio button until the LED
indicator is off.
3.3 Running a Program With the Speed Fader
01) Make sure that the Audio mode is inactive.
02) Select your created program.
03) Move the Speed fader to the full down position, then press and hold
down the Rec Speed button and press the corresponding flash button
(13-24). The program will not run with the standard beat any more.
04) Move the Speed fader to set the desired speed.
05) Press the Rec Speed button to exit the mode.
Step 3 is not necessary if the selected program is not recorded with the
standard beat.
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