Ordercode: 41523
Infinity iW-1915 Pixel
No Response to DMX
Suspect the DMX cable or connectors, a controller malfunction, a light effect DMX card malfunction.
01) Check the DMX setting. Make sure that DMX addresses are correct.
02) Check the DMX cable: Unplug the unit; change the DMX cable; then reconnect to electrical power.
Try your DMX control again.
03) Determine whether the controller or light effect is at fault. Does the controller operate properly with
other DMX products? If not, take the controller in for repair. If so, take the DMX cable and the light
effect to a qualified technician.
Probable cause(s)
One or more
fixtures do not
function at all
No power to the fixture
Check if power is switched on and
cables are plugged in
Primary fuse blown
Replace fuse
Fixtures reset
correctly, but all
erratically or not
at all to the
The controller is not connected.
Connect controller.
3-pin/5-pin XLR Out of the
controller does not match XLR Out
of the first fixture on the link (i.e.
signal is reversed)
Install a phase reversing cable
between the controller and the
first fixture on the link
Fixtures reset
correctly, but
some respond
erratically or not
at all to the
Poor data quality
Check data quality. If much lower
than 100 percent, the problem
may be a bad data link
connection, poor quality or
broken cables, missing termination
plug, or a defective fixture
disturbing the link
Bad data link connection
Inspect connections and cables.
Correct poor connections. Repair
or replace damaged cables
Data link not terminated with 120
Ohm termination plug
Insert termination plug in output
jack of the last fixture on the link
Incorrect addressing of the fixtures
Check address setting
One of the fixtures is defective and
disturbs data transmission on the
Bypass one fixture at a time until
normal operation is restored:
unplug both connectors and
connect them directly together.
Have the defective fixture
serviced by a qualified technician
3-pin/5-pin XLR Out on the fixtures
does not match (pins 2 and 3
Install a phase-reversing cable
between the fixtures or swap pin 2
and 3 in the fixture that behaves
No light or lamp
cuts out
Fixture is too hot
Allow the fixture to cool down
Clean the fan
Make sure air vents in control
panel and the front lens are not
Turn up the air conditioning
LEDs damaged
Disconnect the fixture and return it
to your dealer
The power supply settings do not
match local AC voltage and
Disconnect fixture. Check settings
and correct if necessary
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