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Infinity iW-1915 Pixel
Connecting to a Network
ArtNet settings
01) Install any ArtNet-based software on your PC (Windows, Mac or user console with ArtNet support).
02) Connect the power supply to the Infinity.
03) Connect the device’s Ethernet connector (06) to your software/light controller’s Ethernet connector,
using a CAT-5/CAT-6 cable.
04) Set the IP address of your software/light controller to 2.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x, depending on the ArtNet
05) Set the subnet mask to on both the Infinity and your software/light controller. Make sure
that all the fixtures in the network have a unique IP address.
06) If you want to connect more than one fixture, follow the example below.
01) Make sure that each connected Infinity has a unique IP address.
02) Make sure that the subnet mask on each device is set to
03) Set the universe of the first Infinity to 1.
04) Set the first Infinity’s DMX address to 001.
05) If you have reached the DMX limit of 512 channels, while connecting multiple Infinitys, set the
universe of the following Infinity to 2 and its DMX address to 001.
06) Repeat step 5 up to 255 times (as there are 255 universes available).
07) Using your software, map all the connected devices, using the settings described above.
08) The Infinitys are now ready for use.
09) When creating large setups, it is recommended to use a 16-bit, high speed ethernet switch to
distribute the ArtNet data signal.
How to make a data cable
A Standard ETHERNET Cable can be used to replace the Data Cable required to transmit the data for the
iW-1915 Pixel.
Please follow the instructions below in order to create an extra Net Cable.
Take a standard net cable (CAT-5/ 5E /6) and connect it to the RJ45 connector, as shown in the picture
below (fig. 07). The wires should now be colored as follows:
Fig. 07
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