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Infinity iW-1915 Pixel
3. Settings Menu
With this menu you can set your desired mode.
01) Press the button or press the buttons to select .
02) Press the button, to enter the menu. You can choose from 19 different modes.
03) Press the buttons to select the required mode:
04) Once you have selected the desired mode, press the button to proceed to edition.
05) Press the buttons to change the value from NO to YES.
06) Some of the available menus have different options to the regular, YES or NO function:
Pan Angle: 540°, 360°, 180°
Tilt Angle: 270°, 180°, 90°
P/T Speed: Fast, Slow
Fans: Auto,Silent, Full
C Mixing Mode: RGBW, CMY
Dimmer Curve: Linear, Square, I Squa, Scurve
Dimmer Speed: Smooth, Fast
3.1. Color Balance
With this menu you can set the device’s color brightness.
01) Press the buttons to select Color Balance and press the button to open the menu.
02) You can now adjust 4 colors: Red, Green, Blue, White.
03) Choose the desired color, press the button and then press the buttons to set the
value. The adjustment range is between 0-255, from dark to brightest.
04) You can combine Red, Green, Blue and White to create an infinite range of colors.
05) If you want to use the Infinity in ArtNet+DMX mode, the color balance of all the 4 colors must be set
to 0. Otherwise, the device will not function properly.
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