Ordercode: 41523
Infinity iW-1915 Pixel
Multiple Infinitys (ArtNet control)
01) Fasten the effect light to a firm trussing. Leave at least 0,5 meter on all sides for air circulation.
02) Always use a safety cable (ordercode 70140 / 70141).
03) Use a CAT-5/CAT-6 cable to connect your ArtNet controller to a network switch.
04) Link all the Infinitys by connecting their RJ45 sockets to your network switch, using a CAT-5/CAT-6
signal cable.
05) Supply electric power: Plug electric mains power cords into each unit's PowerCON socket, then plug
the other end of the mains power cord into proper electric power supply sockets, starting with the
first unit. Do not supply power before the whole system is set up and connected properly.
Multiple Infinitys ArtNet Set Up
Fig. 05
Note : Link all cables before connecting electric power
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