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Followspot LED 120W
Operating Determinations
This device is not designed for permanent operation. Consistent operation breaks will ensure that the
device will serve you for a long time without defects.
The minimum distance between light output and the illuminated surface must be bigger than 1
The maximum ambient temperature ta = 40°C must never be exceeded.
The relative humidity must not exceed 50 % with an ambient temperature of 40°C.
If this device is operated in any other way than the one described in this manual, the product may
suffer damages and the warranty becomes void.
Any other operation may lead to dangers like short-circuit, burns, electric shock, crash, etc.
You endanger your own safety and the safety of others!
Please follow the European and national guidelines concerning rigging, trussing and all
other safety issues.
Do not attempt the installation yourself !
Always let the installation be carried out by an authorized dealer !
If the Followspot is lowered from the ceiling or high joists, professional trussing systems have to be
Use a clamp to mount the Followspot, with the mounting bracket, to the trussing system.
The Followspot must never be fixed swinging freely in the room.
The installation must always be secured with a safety attachment, e.g. an appropriate safety net or
safety cable.
When rigging, derigging or servicing the Followspot, always make sure, that the area below the
installation site is secured and that there are not any unauthorized people around.
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