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Phantom 120 Wash
The Showtec Phantom 120 Wash RGBW requires almost no maintenance. However, you should keep the
unit clean. Otherwise, the fixture’s light-output will be significantly reduced. Disconnect the mains power
supply and then wipe the cover with a damp cloth. Wipe the front glass panel clean with glass cleaner
and a soft cloth. Do not use alcohol or solvents. The front glass panel will require weekly cleaning, as
smoke-fluid tends to build up residues, reducing the light-output very quickly. Do not immerse in liquid.
Keep connections clean. Disconnect electric power, and then wipe the DMX and audio connections
with a damp cloth. Make sure connections are thoroughly dry before linking equipment or supplying
electric power.
The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are to be
inspected by an expert after every year in the course of an acceptance test.
The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are to be
inspected by a skilled person once a year.
The following points have to be considered during the inspection:
01) All screws used for installing the device or parts of the device have to be tightly connected and must
not be corroded.
02) There may not be any deformations on housings, fixations and installation spots.
03) Mechanically moving parts like axles, eyes and others may not show any traces of wearing.
04) The electric power supply cables must not show any damages or material fatigue.
Replacing the Fuse
Power surges, short-circuit or inappropriate electrical power supply may cause a fuse to burn out. If the
fuse burns out, the product will not function whatsoever. If this happens, follow the directions below to do
01) Unplug the unit from electric power source.
02) Insert a screwdriver into the slot in the fuse cover. Turn the fuse holder counterclockwise. The fuse will
come out.
03) Remove the used fuse. If brown or unclear, it is burned out.
04) Insert the replacement fuse into the holder where the old fuse was. Reinsert the fuse holder. Be sure
to use a fuse of the same type and specification. See the product specification label for details.
No Light
This troubleshooting guide is meant to help solve simple problems.
If a problem occurs, carry out the steps below in sequence until a solution is found. Once the unit
operates properly, do not carry out following steps.
If the light effect does not operate properly, refer servicing to a technician.
Response: Suspect three potential problem areas as: the power supply, the LED, the fuse.
01) Power supply. Check if the unit is plugged into an appropriate power supply.
02) The LEDs. Return the Phantom 120 Wash RGBW to your Showtec dealer.
03) The fuse. See page 29 for replacing the fuse.
04) If all of the above appears to be O.K., plug the unit in again.
05) If you are unable to determine the cause of the problem, do not open the Phantom 120 Wash
RGBW, as this may damage the unit and the warranty will become void.
06) Return the device to your Showtec dealer.
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