Getting Started
The OptimusS Portable Data Terminal (PDT) requires minimal effort to begin functional operation for
data collection in any application. In order to get started the unit must have a fresh battery inserted into
the battery compartment.
1. Access the battery compartment by removing the battery cover (See Figure 7). To remove the
cover, press the cover release down and slide the cover away form the unit.
2. Insert the Li-ion battery into the battery compartment, battery information side up and battery
contacts to the bottom, at an angle with the battery contacts inserted first.
3. Push the Li-ion battery the remainder of the way into the compartment. The battery will fit
snuggly into place.
4. Close the battery compartment by sliding the battery cover toward the scan head until the
cover locks into place.
Figure 7 Battery Compartment Features
5. Turn the unit over, so the keypad is visible and hold down the power button .
6. The LCD graphical display will display a menu and an audible indicator will sound to signify
that the Optimus has been powered up properly.
7. Using the arrow keys select the Run Program option.
8. Scan a bar code.
Note: The OptimusS comes with a default program loaded that allows users to scan items and enter
their quantity. For information on how to create these programs, please refer to the Optimizer
Item No. Description
1 Li-ion battery
2 Battery contacts
3 Battery cover
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