Product Overview
The SP5500 OptimusS Portable Data Terminals are robust and versatile scanning devices designed to
provide exceptional performance, while enduring the demands of everyday use. The lithium-ion
rechargeable battery provides the Optimus with more than 100 hours of operation. It is supported by a
resourceful set of development tools, including a Windows-based program builder, “C” compiler, and
“BASIC” compiler. The OptimusS has a fully integrated laser for scanning all 1D bar code symbologies,
completely enclosed by the protective ergonomic housing. The built-in functionality of the Optimus
makes it an excellent choice for numerous applications. In addition, when combined with the optional
Bluetooth module it is the ideal solution for real time applications such as inventory control, shop floor
management, warehousing operations, and distribution operations.
Key Product Features
Up to 2 MB RAM capable of storing over 100,000 records
Easy to use Optimizer program builder and download software
Auto-backlit LCD display
Audible and visual indications
Built-in laser bar code scan engine capable of scanning all 1D bar code symbologies.
Powered by rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Upload/download data via RS232 and USB interfaces (optional modem)
Scanner and Accessories
SP5502-6 OptimusS laser batch unit with 2MB RAM
SP5535-6 OptimusS laser Bluetooth unit with 2MB RAM
MI5500-614 OptimusS Charging/Communication cradle
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