The Application module runs on top of the System module. The OptimusS Series Portable Data
Terminals are preloaded with the Optimizer’s run-time program and the following menu will be shown
upon powering the unit up:
Models (SP5502 and SP5535):
1. Run Program
2. Utilities
Utilizing the arrow keys select the menu option and execute it by pressing the ENTER key. For certain
models of the OptimusS Series the Data Optimizer program may need to be used in order to handle the
in-coming and out-going data to and from a host device. For detailed information, please refer to
“Optimizer User’s Guide” and “DataOptimizer User’s Guide”.
Note: If the Application Generator is used to create the application program, it will be necessary to
download it to the terminal.
Programming the terminal
There are three software tools available for developing application programs for the terminal.
The Optimizer Program Builder
The “BASIC” Compiler
The “C” Compiler
For detailed information, please consult the appropriate manual or contact Metrologic Instruments, Inc..
Programming the communication cradle
The communication cradle of the OptimusS Portable Data Terminal supports serial IR interface only. If a
customized PC application has been developed for communication with the terminal via the cradle, it
will be necessary to first configure the cradle through programming. There is a DLL available for this
For more information, please contact Metrologic Instruments, Inc..
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