The menu option provides the user with ability to gather information on the amount of memory available
on the Optimus, as well as the ability to initialize the memory. This is accomplished by choosing one of
the two available selections.
1. Size Info.
2. Initialize
Size Info.
The Optimus contains two types of memory, SRAM and Flash memory. These two types of memory
allow the Optimus to perform operational tasks at an optimal level.
Static random access memory (SRAM): Memory that retains data as long as power is being
supplied. SRAM does not have to be periodically refreshed and provides quick access to
Flash memory: Flash memory is a type of constantly-powered nonvolatile memory that can be
erased and reprogrammed easily. This allows users to program the Optimus effortlessly.
This selection enables the user of the Optimus to initialize the memory (SRAM).
Warning: Initializing the memory will erase the current data of the memory.
Selecting the power option allows the user to view the actual voltages of the main battery and the
backup battery.
Load Application
The selection of Load Application enables the user to download an application program to the Optimus.
Note: For further information on application program downloads see the Optimizer User’s guide.
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