Clock Set date and time for the system. N/A
Backlight ON Period Set the duration for the keyboard/LCD backlight the light goes off after 20
CPU Speed
Set CPU running speed. There are five speeds available:
Full speed, half speed, quarter speed, eighth speed and
sixteenth speed.
Full speed
Powering Off the Terminal
Set time threshold for automatically power off when no
operation is taking place during that specified period. If this
value is set to zero, this function will be disabled.
10 minutes
Power On Options
There are two possible selections: Program Resume, which
starts from the program being used during the last session
before the last power-off; and Program Restart, which starts
with a new program.
Program Resume
Key Click Select a tone for the beeper or disable the beeper when the
user presses a key button. Enable
System Password Set a password to protect the user from entering the system
menu. no password is set
The OptimusS has numerous tests available to the user for both operation and diagnostics. Depending
on the application program that is in the active memory will determine which tests can be performed and
are available to the user. The following table provides a description of the available tests.
To test the reading performance of the scanner. The following symbologies are enabled for
the Reader test. All other symbologies will need to be enabled via programming.
Default Bar codes: Code 39, Industrial 25, Interleave 25,Codabar, Code 93, Code 128,
UPCE, UPCE with ADDON 2, UPCE with ADDON 5, EAN8, EAN8 with ADDON 2
EAN8 with ADDON 5, EAN13, EAN13 with ADDON 2, EAN13 with ADDON 5
Buzzer To test the buzzer with different Frequency/Duration. Press ENTER key to start and then
press any key to stop the test.
LCD & LED To test LCD display and LED indicator. Press ENTER key to start and then press any key to
stop the test.
Keyboard To test the rubber keys. Press a key and the result will be shown on the LCD display. Note
that the FN key should be used in conjunction with numeral keys.
To test the data memory (SRAM). Note after the test, the contents of the memory space will
be wiped out.
Warning: This test erases any data stored in the terminal.
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