The unit powers up properly, lasers come on, but the unit does not scan and does
not beep when a bar code is presented
Improper settings can be the cause for a scanner not to scan.
The following would be typical examples:
1. Scanning a particular symbology that is not enabled. (UPC/EAN, Code 39,
Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 93, Code 128 and Codabar are enabled by default.)
Verify that the type of bar code being read has been selected.
2. The scanner has been programmed for a character length lock, or a minimum
length and the bar code being scanned does not satisfy the programmed
criteria. Verify that the bar code that is being scanned falls into the criteria.
(Typical of Non-UPC/EAN codes.)
3. The scanner scans a bar code but the scanner locks up (green LED comes on
and stays on) after the first scan. The scanner is configured to support some
form of host handshaking but is not receiving the signal. If the scanner is
setup to support ACK/NAK, RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF or D/E, verify that the
host cable and host are supporting the handshaking properly.
4. The scanner scans and transmits but the data is not correct at the host. Verify
that the scanner’s data format matches that required by the host. Make sure
that the scanner is connected to the proper host port.
Scanner beeps at some bar codes and NOT for others of the same bar code
1. The print quality of the bar code is suspect.
2. The aspect ratio of the bar code is out of tolerance.
3. The bar code may have been printed incorrectly.
(check digit/character/or border problem.)
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