Green and Red LED
When the red led is on, this indicates that the laser is on. When the green LED
flashes on, the scanner has read a bar code successfully. When the green light turns
off, communication to the host is complete. The green LED blinks while the
scanner is waking up from an IR sensor timeout. The LED’s are also used as
diagnostic indicators and mode indicators.
Output Window
Laser light emits from this aperture.
Adjustable stand
Designed to provide an adequate distance for scanning between the scanner face and
counter at all times. When fully tilted, the face of the scanner remains a full five
inches from the counter. Refer to page 10 for available kits.
This cable is terminated with a 10-pin modular connector, which attaches to the
MCA951. The Keyboard Wedge unit has a “Y” coil cable terminated with a 5-pin
female on one end, a 6-pin male and a 4-pin locking connector for power input
(power jumper). An adapter is included with a 5-pin male DIN on one end and a 6-
pin female mini DIN on the other to mate to a specific keyboard. Refer to Appendix
C for pin assignments.
Green and Red LED
Output Window
djustable Stand
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