Adjustable Stand Hard Mount Installation [Kit #45-45967]
Step 1
Remove the four screws holding the rotating base
[MLPN 45-45577] to the weighted base
[MLPN 36-36765].
Step 2
Note the position of the FRONT mark on the
rotating base then use the rotating base as a guide to
drill four pilot holes (Hard Wood - #31 drill or Soft
Wood -#43 drill) in the countertop.
Step 3
Secure the rotating base [MLPN 45-45577] to the
countertop with the four #10 wood screws
[MLPN 18-18857] provided.
Step 4
Align the tilt/swivel cup assembly
[MLPN 45-45967A] with the rotating base
[MLPN 45-45577] as indicated below.
Step 5
Press down firmly on the tilt/swivel cup assembly
until it snaps into place over the rotating base.
Additional stand options available for purchase:
Wall Mounting Kit [mlpn 45-45968] Stationary Stand [MLPN 45-45429]
for use with the adjustable stand
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