The PowerLink Cable
Important: If the PowerLink cable is not fully latched, the unit can
power intermittently.
Figure 2. Connecting the PowerLink Cable
1. Insert the 10-pin RJ45 end of the cable into the socket on the MS1890.
There will be an audible click when the connector locks into place.
2. Gently pull on the cable strain relief to insure the cable is installed.
3. Install the cable boot cover over the cable strain relief and onto the end of
the unit’s handle.
Before removing the cable from the scanner, Metrologic recommends that the
power on the host system is off and the power supply has been disconnected
from the PowerLink cable.
Figure 3. Releasing the PowerLink Cable
1. Remove the cable boot to reveal the cable connection.
2. Locate the small ‘pin-hole’ on the handle of the unit near the cable.
3. Bend an ordinary paperclip into the shape shown above.
4. Insert the paperclip (or other small metallic pin) into the small ‘pin-hole’.
5. There will be a faint ‘click’ when the lock releases. Pull gently on the
strain-relief of the PowerLink cable to remove the cable from the unit.
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