Controlling other devices:
Method 2 (Library search)
This section describes another way to
program the CR100 to control third-
party equipment.
Library Search allows you to scan
through all the codes contained in the
CR100’s memory. It can take a lot
longer than the previous method, so
only use this method if:
< Your device does not respond to
the CR100 after you have tried all
the codes listed for your brand.
< Your brand is not listed at all in
the Device Code tables.
Example: To search for a TV code
1. Switch your TV on (not stand-by)
and aim the CR100 at it.
2. Press
on your CR100.
3. Press and hold
until the power
LED blinks twice.
3. Press
. The power LED
key blinks twice:
5. Press .
6. Aim the CR100 at your Television
and press repeatedly until
your Television turns off.
Every time you press the CR100
sends out a POWER signal from the
next code contained in its memory.
In the worst case, you may have
to press this key up to 150 times,
so patience is required! If you skip
past a code, step back by pressing
. Remember to keep pointing
the CR100 at your Television while
pressing this key.
7. As soon as your television turns
off, press
to store the code.
< Many TVs do not switch on
pressing . Please try pressing
a number key (‘channel select’)
to switch your TV back on.
< If you cannot control your
Television properly, please
continue the Search Method, you
may be using the wrong code.
< To search for the code for another
device follow the instructions
above, but press the appropriate
Device Mode key instead of
during step 2.
< If your device’s original remote
control does not have a
(POWER) key, press instead
during step 5.
Code blink-back
Once you have set up your CR100,
you can blink back your device set-up
codes for future reference.
Example: To blink back your
Television code
1. Press the appropriate Device
Mode key (e.g.
) once.
2. Press and hold
until the red
Power LED blinks twice
(It actually blinks once when you
press the key, then twice after
about three seconds).
3. Press
. The key
blinks twice.
 
digit code, press
and count
all the red blinks. If there are no
blinks, the digit is ‘0’.
5. For the second, third and fourth
digits, repeat the previous
step, pressing
, or
Now you have the four-digit code.
Make a note of the codes
Write down the codes for your
devices in the boxes below for future
Device Code
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