This section describes the simplest
(preferred) way to program the
CR100’s Device Mode keys to control
the non-Arcam devices in your
   
   
< Some of the modes are locked
to Arcam operation but can be
unlocked if required (see page 18).
mode only controls Arcam
DVD mode Locked
SAT mode Unlocked
AV mode Unlocked
TUN mode Locked
AUX mode Locked
VCR mode Unlocked
CD mode Locked
Example: To set up the CR100 for
an Addison TV
program the
key to control an
Addison television. The principles for
controlling other devices are exactly
the same.
1. Make sure your device is switched
on (not just on ‘stand-by’).
2. Find the correct Device Code
table (e.g. TV) for the type of
device you want to control from
the CR100.
3. Find the row containing the codes
for the manufacturer of your
device (e.g. Addison) (page 21).
The most popular code is listed
4. Press the appropriate Device
Mode key (e.g.
) on the
5. Press and hold
until the red
Power LED blinks twice:
(It actually blinks once when you
press the key, then twice after
about three seconds).
 
code using the number keys. The
device key (e.g.
) blinks twice:
7. Aim the CR100 at the device and
press . If the device switches
off, the setup is complete.
8. Turn your device back on and
test all the CR100’s functions to
ensure they are working properly.
9. Important! Write your device
code down on the next page so
you can remember it if you ever
reset the CR100.
What if I still can’t
control my device?
< If your device doesn’t respond,
repeat the above steps until one
of the device codes listed for your
brand works.
< If none of the codes listed for
your brand operates your device,
or if your brand is not listed at
all, try the Library Search Method
described in the next section.
< Some codes are quite similar. If
your device does not respond or
is not functioning properly with
one of the codes, try another
code listed under your brand.
< If your device’s original remote
control does not have a
(POWER) key, press instead of
when setting up your device.
< Remember to press the
corresponding device key before
operating your device.
< Many TVs do not switch on
pressing . Please try pressing
a number key (‘channel select’)
to switch your TV back on.
< To search for the code for another
device follow the instructions
above, but press the appropriate
device key instead of
step 2.
Controlling other devices:
Method 1 (Direct code setup)
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