Inserting batteries
1. Open the battery
compartment by pressing
the button on the back of the
2. Insert four AAA batteries into
the battery compartment:
two with ‘+’ facing the top of
the handset, and two with ‘+
facing the end cap, as in the
3. Lower the end cap onto the
plastic locating plate in the
handset. This acts as a hinge,
and you can now push the
position with a click.
Low voltage indicator
When the batteries are running down,
the IR transmit indicator on the
CR100 (the LED surrounding
times whenever you press a
AAA alkaline batteries as soon as
Maintaining reliability
Please keep in mind the following
when using the CR100:
< Make sure there are no obstacles
between the remote control
and the remote sensors on any
devices you’re controlling. The
CR100 has a range of about
seven meters. (If a unit’s remote
sensor is obscured, you may
be able to use a remote control
input jack on the rear panel
– contact your dealer for further
< As with any IR remote, operation
may become unreliable if strong
light is shining on a front panel
remote sensor.
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