The CR100 is a sophisticated
‘universal’ remote control that can
control up to eight devices.
< The CR100 is preprogrammed for
use with Arcam products (Solo
sound processors, CD players and
DVD players) within range.
See pageS 8–15...
< The CR100 can control your
complete home entertainment
system. With its extensive built-in
library of codes, the CR100 can
be used with thousands of third-
party TVs, satellite decoders, set-
top boxes, VCRs and CD players.
See pageS 6, 21...
< The CR100 can ‘learn’ almost any
function from an old single-device
See page 16...
< You can customise the CR100
to suit, and program it to issue
a sequence of commands (a
‘Macro’) at a single key press.
See pageS 16, 19...
The CR100 is supplied with several
   
information on how to use the CR100
to control the product it was supplied
with, please refer to that product’s
Device Mode keys
The Device Mode keys (shown below)
also change the functionality of the
remote control. It’s like having eight
different remotes in your hand!
   
   
If you press and hold a Device Mode
key, you change the Device Mode
without changing the signal source.
Each Device Mode changes the
behaviour of many of the CR100 keys
to control the source appropriately
(see pages 8–15). For example:
< In
mode the key plays the
previous CD track
< In
mode the key issues the
TV ‘Channel Down’ command.
   
   
  
  
 
Navigation keys
The Navigation keys
steer the cursor in
setup menus or
on-screen menus.
They also replicate
the navigation
functions of original
remotes supplied with other
home entertainment devices in your
system. 
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