< To replace a learned function,
simply assign a new one to the
same key.
< Learned functions are retained
when you change batteries.
< If Code Learning fails, try altering
the distance between the two
remotes; make sure that the light
in the area is not too bright.
To delete a learned function:
1. Press and hold
until the power
LED blinks twice: .
3. Press
. The power LED
blinks twice: .
3. Press a Device Mode key once.
For example, if you want to
delete one of your learned TV
functions, press
4. Press twice on the key you want
to deassign. The handset blinks
twice: to conirm�
The original function of the CR100 is
To delete a Shifted Learned
To delete a Shifted Learned function,
before you press the key to
be deassigned (during step 4 above).
To delete ALL learned functions
within a given Device Mode:
1. Press and hold
until the power
LED blinks twice: .
2. Press
– the power LED
blinks twice: .
3. Press the appropriate Device
Mode key twice.
Creating Macros
You can program your CR100 to issue
a sequence of commands when you
press a single key. Any sequence of
commands you regularly use can be
reduced to a single key press for your
For example, you might want to turn
off your TV, VCR and Satellite at the
same time.
< A key programmed with a Macro
is available in all modes; it will
replace that key’s different
functions for all modes.
< A Macro can consist of up to eight
key presses.
Example: To assign a Macro to
1. Press and hold
until the power
LED blinks twice: .
2. Press
3. Press
(the Macro will be
assigned to this key).
4. Press
, ,
, ,
, .
(These are the Macro steps you
wish to record.)
5. To store the Macro, press and
until the power LED
blinks twice: .
Now, whenever you press
, the
CR100 will toggle the power to your
TV, VCR and Satellite.
< The important word here is
‘toggle’. For example, if the TV
and Satellite devices are currently
on, but the VCR is off, pressing
will switch off the TV and
Satellite and switch on the VCR
(rather than switching all three
devices on or off).
< When using Macros, remember
that you may need to change
mode or use
, and that each
key press (including changing
modes and pressing
) counts
as one of the Macro steps. You
cannot use a Macro key within
another Macro.
< If the amount of memory
storage for a particular Macro is
exceeded, the power LED comes
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