Code Learning
The CR100 comes with a complete
library of preprogrammed codes.
After you have set up the CR100
there are one or more functions on
your original remote which do not
have a place on the CR100 keypad.
For convenience, the CR100 offers
a Code Learning feature that allows
you to copy up to 16 functions from
an original remote control onto the
CR100 keypad.
Before you start, make sure that:
< The original remote control is
working correctly.
< The remotes are not pointing at
your device.
< The remotes have new batteries.
< The remotes are not in direct
sunlight or under strong
Learned functions are mode-
dependent: You could theoretically
assign up to eight different
functions to a single key (the
CR100 can handle a total of 16
learned functions).
Example: To copy the ‘text hold’
function from a TV remote onto
the key of your CR100.
 
surface, 2 to 5cm apart, with the
IR ports facing each other.
2. On the CR100, press and hold
until the power LED blinks twice:
3. Press
. The power LED
blinks twice: .
4. On the CR100, press the device
key that matches the ‘source’
device (e.g. if you’re learning a
TV function, press
5. On the CR100, press the key to
which you want to assign the
learned function (e.g. ). The
device key blinks rapidly.
6. On the original remote, press and
hold the function key that you
want to learn (e.g. TEXT HOLD)
until the CR100 device key blinks
twice: .
7. If you want to learn other
functions from the same source
device, simply repeat steps 5 and
6 pressing the next key you want
to learn.
8. To exit Code Learning mode,
press and hold
until the device
key blinks twice: .
9. To use the learned function on
the CR100, press the Device
Mode key, followed by the
function key.
In this example, you’d press
followed by
Shifted Learning
You can assign a learned function to
original function.
You can assign Shifted Learning
functions to any key except for:
Device Mode keys (e.g.
, or
number keys (
1. To assign a Shifted Learning
function, simply follow Code
Learning steps in the previous
section. During step 5, press
once before you press the key
to which you want to assign the
learned function.
2. To access the shifted function,
and then the target key.
Important notes
< Once you start a Code Learning
session, you have approximately
10 seconds to conduct each step.
Any longer, and a timeout means
that you’ll have to start the
process again.
< The Learning feature is mode-
feature per mode onto a key.
< The CR100 can learn
approximately 16 functions in
Customising the CR100
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