Continuous power output (20Hz—20kHz at 0.5% THD), per channel
Both channels, 8, 20Hz—20kHz 120W
Single channel, 4, at 1kHz 240W
Harmonic distortion, 80% power, 8 at 1kHz 0.001%
Phono (MM) cartridge:
Input sensitivity at 1kHz 5mV
Input impedance 47k + 270pF
Frequency response (ref. RIAA curve) 20Hz—20kHz ± 1dB
Signal/Noise ratio (Awtd) 50W, ref. 5mV input 80dB
Overload margin, ref. 5mV at 1kHz 20dB
Nominal sensitivity 1V
Input impedance 10k
Maximum input 4.6V
Frequency response 20Hz—20kHz ± 0.2dB
Signal/noise ratio (Awtd) 50W, ref. 1V input 105dB
Preamplier output
Nominal output level 900mV
Output impedance 240
Headphone output
Maximum output level into 600 4V
Output impedance 1
Load range 16—2k
Accessory power output
2.1mm DC connector 6V, 500mA
Mains voltage 110–120V~ or 220–240V~
Power consumption (maximum) 1kW
Dimensions W x D x H (including feet) 433 x 425 x 100mm
Weight (net) 11.5kg
Weight (packed) 13.2kg
Supplied accessories Mains lead
CR902 remote control
2 x AAA batteries
Accessory power cable
NOTE: All specication values are typical unless otherwise stated.
Continual improvement policy
Arcam has a policy of continual improvement for its
products. is means that designs and specications
are subject to change without notice.
Correct disposal of this product
is marking indicates that this
product should not be disposed
with other household waste
throughout the EU.
To prevent possible harm to the
environment or human health from
uncontrolled waste disposal and to
conserve material resources, this product should be
recycled responsibly.
To dispose of your product, please use your local
return and collection systems or contact the retailer
where the product was purchased.
Worldwide Guarantee
is entitles you to have the unit repaired free of charge, during the rst two years aer
purchase, provided that it was originally purchased from an authorised Arcam dealer.
e Arcam dealer is responsible for all aer-sales service. e manufacturer can take no
responsibility for defects arising from accident, misuse, abuse, wear and tear, neglect or
through unauthorised adjustment and/or repair, neither can they accept responsibility
for damage or loss occurring during transit to or from the person claiming under the
The warranty covers:
Parts and labour costs for two years from the purchase date. Aer two years you must pay
for both parts and labour costs. e warranty does not cover transportation costs at any
Claims under guarantee
is equipment should be packed in the original packing and returned to the dealer from
whom it was purchased. It should be sent carriage prepaid by a reputable carrier – not
by post. No responsibility can be accepted for the unit whilst in transit to the dealer or
distributor and customers are therefore advised to insure the unit against loss or damage
whilst in transit.
For further details contact Arcam at:
Arcam Customer Support Department, Unit 15, Pembroke Avenue, Waterbeach,
CAMBRIDGE, CB25 9QP, England or via www.arcam.co.uk.
If your Arcam dealer is unable to answer any query regarding this or any other Arcam
product please contact Arcam Customer Support at the above address and we will do our
best to help you.
On-line registration
You can register your product on-line at www.arcam.co.uk.
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