Important Precautions for User
Welcome to use this inkjet printer. In order to protect your personal safety and user rights, ensure correct
installation and operation, and full play of the machine, it is important that you read the precautions carefully.
Important Installation Precautions
The recommended spacing distance should be 0.5-2.5mm between internal deflector of printer and
printing object.
Make sure to insert or remove ink cartridge by an angle of 15 degree so as not to damage the cartridge.
Do not place the printer in a dusty environment and longtime use, if customer can’t change, please
clean the printer dust periodically .
Printer only can use original battery and charger provided by manufacturer. Do not open or place in a
fire, and not allow metal contact or electrode short circuit, avoid placing in excessive heat (over 60
degrees Celsius), humid or corrosive environments.
Important Operation Precautions
Do not poke or impact the touch screen sharply.
The built-in photocell can’t be covered, or the printer doesn’t print.
Use Non-woven to wipe the nozzle plate when the print is not clear or dots are missing.
When printing position is changed, please set the printing delay to achieve best printing result.
Do not insert or remove ink cartridge while the machine is in printing process so as not to cause damage
to the cartridge.
Do not use compressed air for cleaning the touch screen. High pressure of the compressed air will
damage the touch screen.
Do not use compressed air for direct or indirect cleaning of the ink cartridge. High pressure of the
compressed air will damage the nozzle plate.
Note: It is necessary for some cartridges to be removed from machine after operation stop. Turn off the
machine and remove the cartridge from printer. Wipe the print head clean with Non- woven cloth; lock the
print head with the special cap to avoid the nozzles blocking (Contact our after-sale service for more about
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