4.7.6 Battery Indicator
Green: The remaining power is 20%-100%
Yellow: The remaining power is 10%-20%
Red: Low battery, it means the battery is less than 10%
Precaution: when battery is low, please recharge ASAP.
4.7.7 WI-FI Status
Display WI-FI connection status as unconnected (gray) and normally connected (green).
Click Wi-Fi interface appears (Default is turn off, and the list is empty).
Turn on WLAN, scan Wi-Fi device automatically and display the scan results in the list.
Clip the switch and turn on, the system will search the network automatically, and display in the list;
You also can manually clickSearchbutton to find the network.
Click a Wi-Fi device, pop-up password input box, enter the correct password to connect to the wireless
network. (Note: Click a no password WI-FI can be connected automatically.)
4.7.8 Log out
Please refer to Log in /Log out.
4.8 Input Method Introduction
On the keyboard, user can input capital letter, lowercase letter, numbers, common symbols, Chinese,
Lowercase letter: default keyboard is lowercase letters, displayed as below:
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