Tip: After logging user management, it can only change current user password.
Delete user info
Open the user management, select user info and click to delete user info.
Tip: Cannot delete Administrator.
Close user management
Open user management, it will jump out a page requiring to input password, after inputting correct
administrator password, and click√,the icon will turn grey to close user management.
Log in /Log out
Open user management, click , it will jump out a page. Inputting the correct user name and
password to log in.
Open the user management, every time opening the printer, it requires to log in first.
4.5.3 System Reset (Refer to the video System Reset)
If required to restore back to factory setting, you can do system reset.
System>System Reset
Click , all options are selected automatically.
Click , all selected options are deleted.
After selected, click Reset, it will jump out a page requiring to input administrator password.
Then the printer will restart automatically.
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