Unit: mm or inchclick the icon to select unit.
Language: English and others. Click the icon to select language.
Default language: English How to upgrade other language, please refer to How to upgrade language,
fonts and input method
After switching language, printer will restart automatically.
Device name: Allow 30 characters. When message contains device name source, the message will
change after the device name is changed.
Screensavers: System default 3 min, 5 options for changeover: 1 min, 3 min, 5 min, 30 min,
OFF. If screen saver is optioned OFF, screen enters standby status if inactive for the set time. Screen
becomes active when there’s alarm or error.
Screen brightness: User can set the brightness from 10-100%, default is 30%.
Message Mode: Select message management mode, standard mode or simple mode.
4.5.2 User management (Refer to the video User management)
It allows administrator to assign rights of operation.
Open user management feature
System>User management
Default status is closed, click the icon and it will jump out a page to input the password. The default
password is 888888.Click √to open and click ×to close.
Create new user
After opening user management feature, click to create new user.
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