Select the records you want to reprint in the list, click Reprint, can print the selected records.
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4.4 Print Parameter
4.4.1 Print Setting
Print Direction: set the printing direction of the printhead: L To R (from left to right), and R To L
(from right to left).
Mirror: three options: None, Horizontal and Vertical.
DPI: Printing resolution, range from 50-600.
4.4.2 Printhead Setting
Nozzle switch: Two lines of nozzles of each printhead (left, right); user can select to use
left/right/double nozzle(s). (Note: use single channel will save half ink drops, so the darkness will be
Pre-purge: When Pre-purge function is ON, printer will spray a little ink at optioned level during
idle period in printing process to keep nozzle plate warm and moist so as to eliminate dried ink phenomenon.
Five levels to choose from: Close, Low, Middle, High, and Custom.
Default setting is Close.
While setting is low, middle or high, pre-purge parameters will be set automatically according to
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