4.3.5 Printing Monitor
After start printing of a message which contains dynamic source (counter , scan, shift, date time, device
info), clickMonitor to check printing data and coming data.
Dynamic source information will be displayed by sequence, user may pull down the menu to check if
data quantity more than 5pcs.
The display sequence can be manually selected: click Pull down, select the data.
Click Off, will close the monitor.
Monitor information has a real time updating.
The print monitor list display is determined by the print cache. For example, if print cache is set to 10,
the list of monitor shows 10 records.
4.3.6 Re-print
Tips: Reprint is invalid if the message without dynamic source (counter, scan, shift, date time,
device info).
Reprint function is available only when the message with the dynamic source is printed at least once.
Start/Stop printing, click Reprintto reprint the last message.
Long press the button Reprint, go to the reprint interface.
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