Value within 0-1000mm, down to the first decimal point. Click , save the setting and go back to
previous menu, or click to quit without saving.
Setting modification will be valid from next printing message.
Delay value also can be set after printing started.
4.3.4 Initial Setting
Note: This function only valid while message contains counter /text source. After printing started,
this setting is not settable.
Set the current value, index value of counter.
Current Value: the value will be printed after start printing, value need to be within the begin
value and end value.
System: User can choose the system in the pull-down menu.
Repeat Index Value: The next printing is the Nth time of the repeat value. The repeat value of
counter source need to be nonzero.
Set the text source, can modify the text content, the next printing content will be changed after saving
the settings.
After setting the current value, click to save, valid from next printing, or click Cancel
to exit.
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