Lock scale: The proportion of font height and width. After select this function, when modify the
font width or height, the font will be proportionally adjusted.
Tips: If the data location beyond the canvas, it will turn yellow, after saving only the
content within the canvas can be printed.
Rotation: Input range 0-359, also can click buttons to adjust.
Mirror: There are None, Horizontal mirror, Vertical mirror three options, click the drop-down
button to expand
Gradation: Printing darkness can be set within 10-100%.
Spacing: Distance between words, you can enter 0-100, one decimal place
Leading: The distance between two lines. Input range is limited depending on the canvas
Text Alignment Way:
Align multiple lines to the left
Multiple lines align centered
Align multiple lines to the right
Align multiple lines around
It can be set to Chinese, English, numbers and symbols; cannot exceed 30 characters, empty and
rename with added object are not allowed. Barcode object (Add Barcode object in simple mode)
Message>New>New object>Barcode
Input: Enter barcode text content.
Genre: Select 1Dbarcode, 2D barcode.
Type: Select barcode type.
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