38 Date/Time object (Add Date & Time in simple mode)
Message>New>New object>Date/Time
Input: Input contents represents the date object.
Format: select format from the menu, system has 5 default formats, user can define totally 45
types. The default ones cannot be deleted or modified, default formats include: YYYYMMDD,
YYYY/MM/DD, MM/DD/YYYY, HH:mm, Julian day.
Add new format: if user want to add a new format or modify an exist one, click ,Edit out
of date format management list.
Format List: Display the default formats and newly added formats.
New: Click the new pop-up the date format setting keyboard, can choose a custom date format.
Format name enter no more than 30 characters, and cannot be input (" \ / : *? "< > |"), and can't be
empty, otherwise cannot be saved.
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