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Gradation: Printing darkness can be set within 10-100%.
Spacing: Distance between words, you can enter 0-100, one decimal place
Leading: The distance between two lines. Input range is limited depending on the canvas
Text Alignment Way:
Align multiple lines to the left
Align Multiple lines centering
Align multiple lines to the right
Align multiple lines left and
right justification
It can be set to Chinese, English, numbers and symbols; cannot exceed 30 characters, empty and
rename with added object are not allowed. Counter object (Refer to the video Add Counter in simple mode)
Message>New>New object>Counter
Input: Input contents represents the counter.
Initial Value: begin value of the counter, range from -999999999999+999999999999
Maximum Value: Maximum value, range from -999999999999+999999999999
Repeat Value: range 09999
Step Value: for example: step value set to 3, counter will be 1, 4, 7,11…
Carry System: User can select different carry systems, if need to add a new one, click Edit
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