Select object enter to the setting interface (text, counter, date time, shift, scan, barcode, local picture)
After setting parameters, click returnto save the object
Selected object in the object list , click Edit objectto modified object ,click to save.
Click again to save message and return to the message management interface. Text object
Message>New>New object>Text
Input: Default text content : EXAMPLE TEXT, can enter Chinese, English, numbers, symbols,
other language, 100 characters.
Font: Select the font.
Size: Set the font size.
Font effect: Bold, Italic, Add under horizontal line, Add font with
horizontal line
Cut Edge: Set whether the objet with white lace.
X axis coordinates: Input range -10-3000mm, you can click buttons to adjust
Y axis coordinates: Input range according to canvas amount limited, also can click
buttons to adjust slightly.
Width: You can enter 10% to 300%, the greater value, the larger width font.
Height: You can enter 10% to 300%, the greater value, the higher font.
Lock scale: The proportion of font height and width. After select this function, when modify the
font width or height, the font will be proportionally adjusted.
Tips: If the data location beyond the canvas, it will turn yellow, after saving only the
content within the canvas can be printed.
Rotation: Input range 0-359, also can click buttons to adjust.
Mirror: There are None, Horizontal mirror, Vertical mirror three options, click the drop-down
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