Thank you for purchasing our high resolution printer. We want you to get helpful information with this
machine, please read the manual to learn more about our machine by the following content:
Important precautions for use of the machine
Introduction of printer: Parts and components of the machine
Setup and Installation Instructions: Instructions for Equipment Setup and Cartridge Installation.
How to use the printer and the check work before/after use of the printer: explanations of general
operation and startup/shutdown.
Operation instructions: explanations on how to new/edit data for printing, and how to adjust
printer settings.
Care and Maintenance: Care and maintenance for printer and cartridge
Troubleshooting: Common failures and solutions
Appendix 1 - Terms and Definitions: Definitions for terms used in this document.
Please read this user manual carefully before using the printer to get full understanding and
knowledge of importance so that you will get full play of our machine, This will also help you to
have a quick reference to related sections when you have some problems during operation.
Note 1: If you cannot solve the problem encountered during operation, please contact us
Note 2: The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The user manual will
be updated and revised timely if necessary by publish new version
Note 3: Any machine failure or damage caused by user’s negligence, it is no warranty.
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