display mode; Click Icon, can switch back to list display mode; Select message, click Edit,
and enter message editing interface.
Expand list width: If the message name is long, and the list display incompletely, click Unfold
button, the list width will be expanded, then can display completely message name; Click Recovery
again, then return back to normal width.
Search message: Click Search, then popup search input box, enter keywords to match
searching, then list will show exactly message; After clear input box, list will display all messages.
Message management: Click Manage, popup message management options; Click
Manageagain, and hide message management options.
Import message: Insert U disk, after device identify U disk, click Import, and then
message of U disk: Inkjet/msg will be imported into list automatically; When the import message name
same with device, it will popup reminder, and choose whether to continue import according to reminder.
Export message: Insert U disk, check needed imported message, click Export, then the
selected message will be exported to U disk patch: Inkjet/msg
Rename: Select file, then click Rename, popup keyboard to edit message name, and take
effect after save.
Select all: ClickAll, select all messages in the list automatically, switch button to None;
Click None, selected messages will be canceled, then button switch back toAll.
Tips: Device maximum can save 500 messages, it can’t continue add or import data after the
message reach maximum.
4.2.2 Object List
Message>List,select message, clickEdit Message or New Message , then messages
list change to object list, display all objects of this message.
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