TipsWhen the MSG with dynamic source (Counter, Device Info, Date Time, Scan, Shift) has
print records, edit this MSG and save it, will prompt to SaveNot Save Save As Canceloptions.
Select Save Asto retain the original MSG, and create a new MSG. Select Save, the original MSG will
be covered, the print records is cleared and cannot be reprinted.
4.1.13 Copy/Paste Message
Select the message in list, click Copy, and then click any position in the list, click Paste,
the message will be copied and named as the original one with “C1” at the end. For example, if original
message is MSG001, the copied one will be named as “MSG001C1”.
Can do multiple choice, copy and paste them at the same time.
If copied several times, only the last copied message(s) will be pasted.
4.1.14 Delete Message
Select the message(s) in the list, click Delete, yes to delete or no to cancel.
4.2 Message Management-Simple Mode
Set Simple Mode, please refer to the video Set Simple Mode
List Function
4.2.1 Message List
ClickMessage>List, unfold the message list; ClickListagain to hide the list.
List mode switching: Display message in the default way of list, click List, and switch to icon
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