Print Scan Message (Refer to the video Print Scan Message)
Click start to print, shake the printer the scan light will on, after scan the barcode, light will be off, push
the red button, the message will be printed. If not recognize the barcode, printer will scan for several times,
if no sense for 10s, scan light will be off as well.
Note: One message can only contain one piece scan print source, user can set the scan cache numbers,
the scan message can only print once.
4.1.11 Add Barcode (Refer to the video Add Barcode)
Create Barcode Object
Message>New>New object>Barcode
Shortcut: Can add Text/Counter/Shift/Data Time/Dynamic Text/ Database Text/Device
Info/line break into barcode object. (Tip: Add scan source and scan the illegal value, the scan source will
change to 00000 in the bar code)
Note: Refer to above create text object about add “source”.
Click typeto select the required barcode type.
ClickGenre, user can select 1Dbarcode, 2D barcode.
User will see the barcode types required.
Barcode Settings
Note: 1D and 2D barcodes have different settings, user need to select barcode genre firstly.
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