Interval: According to the selected time interval, 24 hours a day is divided into the
corresponding number of shifts. For example, the time interval is set to 4H, the system automatically
generates 6 shifts (default A-F), and shows in the left list.
Start Time: Time of first shift. For example, set the interval to 4H, the starting time is set to
8:00, then the first shift A start time is 8:00, shift B start time is 12:00, shift C start time is 16:00, and so
Set: Select the time interval and the start time, click the buttonSet, will generate the default
shifts automatically, and shows in the left list.
Add:If need to add another shift, you can input the Shift name and the Time, click
Add, the new shift will be added to the list on the left side.
Shift content list: Show the current team all content; Maximum user can add 48 shifts.
Delete: If need to delete any shift, select that one in the list, click Delete
Delete all:If need to delete all exist shifts, click Delete All
Modify Shift Content: select the shift from the list on the left, then edit its content on the
right side, Addwill change toModify,clickModifyto save
Shift name: Maximum 30 characters, can be Chinese, English letters, numbers or symbols (no
special symbols).
Save shift: Click to save.
Edit: Selected the shift from the shift list, click “edit” popup the editing interface, click “save” to
save the changes. The default shift cannot be edited.
Select All: All shifts in the list was chosen; Click the switch again change to all don't choose, all not
to choose.
Delete: Select the newly shifts can be deleted. The default shift cannot be deleted
Closing Shift Management: Click on close, out of management interface and save existing shifts.
Shift Source Name
Maximum 30 characters, Chinese or English characters, numbers, symbols, name cannot be blank or
overlapped, or will not be saved.
Click Returnto save the source and go back to previous menu.
Add Shift Source into Text
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